CDPSnarf – Network sniffer to extract CDP information

Tool Description

CDPSnarf is a network sniffer exclusively written to extract information from CDP packets.
It provides all the information a “show cdp neighbors detail” command would return on a Cisco router and even more.

A feature list follows:

  • Time intervals between CDP advertisements
  • Source MAC address
  • CDP Version
  • TTL
  • Checksum
  • Device ID
  • Software version
  • Platform
  • Addresses
  • Port ID
  • Capabilities
  • Duplex
  • Save packets in PCAP dump file format
  • Read packets from PCAP dump files
  • Debugging information (using the “-d” flag)
  • Tested with IPv4 and IPv6

Tool Source:

Kali Repo:;a=summary

Video Tutorial: Coming Soon!