CeWL – Custom wordlist generator

Tool Description

CeWL is a ruby app which spiders a given url to a specified depth, optionally following external links, and returns a list of words which can then be used for password crackers such as John the Ripper.

CeWL also has an associated command line app, FAB (Files Already Bagged) which uses the same meta data extraction techniques to create author/creator lists from already downloaded.

Tool Source: http://www.digininja.org/projects/cewl.php

Kali Repo: http://git.kali.org/gitweb/?p=packages/cewl.git;a=summary

Video Tutorial: Coming Soon!

ACCCHECK – Password dictionary attack tool for SMB

Tool Description

The tool is designed as a password dictionary attack tool that targets windows authentication via the SMB protocol. It is really a wrapper script around the ‘smbclient’ binary, and as a result is dependent on it for its execution.

Tool Source: https://labs.portcullis.co.uk/tools/acccheck/

Kali Repo: http://git.kali.org/gitweb/?p=packages/acccheck.git;a=summary

General Details

[email protected]:~# acccheck

acccheck v0.2.1 - By Faiz

Attempts to connect to the IPC$ and ADMIN$ shares depending on which flags have been
chosen, and tries a combination of usernames and passwords in the hope to identify
the password to a given account via a dictionary password guessing attack.

Usage = ./acccheck [optional]

 -t [single host IP address]
 -T [file containing target ip address(es)]

 -p [single password]
 -P [file containing passwords]
 -u [single user]
 -U [file containing usernames]
 -v [verbose mode]

Attempt the 'Administrator' account with a [BLANK] password.
    acccheck -t
Attempt all passwords in 'password.txt' against the 'Administrator' account.
    acccheck -t -P password.txt
Attempt all password in 'password.txt' against all users in 'users.txt'.
    acccehck -t -U users.txt -P password.txt
Attempt a single password against a single user.
    acccheck -t -u administrator -p password

Usage Example

[email protected]:~# acccheck.pl -T smb-ips.txt -v
Host:, Username:Administrator, Password:BLANK

Video Tutorial: Coming Soon!